Software development

I can take care of your software, from back-end to the front-end

System planning

I can help you and your company select the right tech stack

Project management

I can help you get started with Agile and its tools

Winston Lee’s projects

Launched a platform for Vietnamese people in Korea. Include: e-commerce, online payment, apps (iOS, Android), learning management, service directory
Implement features for a social network. Tech stack: node.js, react, react-native, next.js
MZ generation career social network
Research new technology, push them to the limits. Tech stack: Hyperledger Fabric, Caliper, Apache
JMeter, LevelDB, LMDB, NodeJS, Java, Golang, C++
Enterprise blockchain service provider

Tech talk 1 | Tech talk 2

E-commerce platform

Develop and improve product catalog service, internal tools. Stack: Spring boot, Elastic Search, Logstash. Database: MongoDB. Languages: Java, Scala

Game developer

Develop game API server, game server platform using functional programming and the actor model. Stack: Akka, ASP. Languages: C#, Scala



If you are located in Korea and need something related to software, you can come meet me in Suwon

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