Change has come to America

Possibly largest inauguration festival ever in America. It’s not just about the well-planned celebrations, it’s a about the new attitude. It’d be hard for Bush to stand between an open crowd like that (neither in a small crowd). One could say it’s courageous, the highest target for those who don’t like America stand between a sea of people. But the ceremony went through smoothly. Well, looks like the terrorists like the democrats 😛

I haven’t seen any change for the ongoing conflicts just yet, but I’ve seen changes on the white house’s web site. Really diligent webmaster. Last time I checked (around 11 am EST), it’s still Bush’s. I was expecting only a name change, but the new design surprised me. I like the new color and layout, the feeds and the jqueries. The professional online presence from the presidental campaign was carried over. If this were a Vietnamese site, it’d took one or two month to make the same change :))

The political Google bomb from 2004 was also taken care of. I tried to access the old target and got redirected to the new biography, while search engines are redirected to Bush’s. Well done! I like the new administration already!

Also, from the new biography more goodies is now accessible. (Say, you want to know about the first pets?)

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