The case of suspending machines

I started to use VMWare a lot recently, primarily due to the fact stuff I work with are very outdated and will slow down my computer if I work with it for a long time. Virtual Machines are very convenient: if I messed up I can just revert to the last snapshot and continue working within seconds.

But there’s one small nuisance: My Windows 7 VM keeps shutting itself down if I don’t touch it for a while, while my Ubuntu one didn’t, so I’m a but puzzled. I tried to look in VMware’s settings to see if there are any options to automatically suspend machine.

Until a Google search later, I realized-

The machine suspended itself because… wait for it… power saving mode.

The solution is to go into the virtual machine and turn suspending of inside the guest operating system. It’s very simple but I couldn’t figure it out fiddling by myself. Learning from people really give you a new perspective.

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