Just Awesome Vietnamese

In a moment of inspiration, I forked an abandoned awesome-vietnamese list and add some new entries to it. Hopefully this list will be useful for people looking for awesome Vietnamese projects

Assorted TILs

Difference between go get and go install

go install is part of the workflow when working locally. Say you want to use a library, but for some reason a change is required. You would do:

  • go get -d library, which only downloads it;
  • make the change on the downloaded package;
  • go install library to install the local version.

How to specify options for protoc

protoc -go_out=\





{output path} {proto file}

How to use goproto_enum_prefix with GRPC plugin

protoc -I=. -I=$GOPATH/src/github.com/gogo/[email protected]/protobuf --proto_path="$dir" \

--gogo_out=\ Mgoogle/protobuf/timestamp.proto=github.com/gogo/protobuf/types,\




How to create a type alias in go

package timestamp

import "github.com/gogo/protobuf/types"

type Timestamp = types.Timestamp

How to create a function alias in go

package ptypes

import "github.com/gogo/protobuf/types"

var TimestampProto = types.TimestampProto

var TimestampNow = types.TimestampNow

To publish a scoped package to npm @somethingsomething / packagename

  1. Create organization on npm ‘somethingsomething’
  2. npm login
  3. Edit package name to be @somethingsomething / packagename
  4. npm publish
  5. Profit!

To automate web tasks

Like finding elements on a page and click it, use Selenium IDE, available as a simple plugin for many browsers

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