Migrating to Obsidian

Recently someone released Foam for VSCode on Obsidian, it led me down a rabbit hole of Second brain and Zettelkasten method. In short: it’s an enhanced mindmap with text, images and link between articles

Sound similar to a wiki? Yes. Shall I try out this new thing? Also yes.

So I started to Migrate all my notes to Obsidian, an excellent implementation of this idea (and it’s free for personal use).

My notes a scattered between SimpleNote, Google Keep and OneNote

Migrating from SimpleNote

You can export your notes to HTML from the web app. Then convert HTML to MD with pandoc

Migrating from Google Keep

You can use google Takeout to export your Keep notes to a bunch of HTML files, then use pandoc. You may need to edit the resulting md files a little bit. VS Code is an excellent tool for this

Migrating from OneNote

This is where most of my notes are, and is the most involved. You need

  • A Windows machine
  • OneNote Office Version (not the Windows Store version)

Use this script https://github.com/rab-bit/ConvertOneNote2MarkDown4Obsidian and follow the instruction. This is an updated version of the original script here with various bugs fixed.

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