Disassembling things I’m not supposed to

Replacing the brita water filter’s battery

The water pitcher that’s synonymous with the middle class in the 80s

Studies have shown they are pretty much useless in filtering out harmful stuff (which would be the subject of another post). However, they survived thanks to a loyal following that swear by the taste of their water and… planned obsolesce

This little thing measure when you have to change your filter again. It’s “designed to last up to 5 years” with no mention of how it can be reused – you are supposed to just trash it and buy a new one when the battery is out.

Harmful for the environment. Let’s change it!

First you need to pry the little device from your pitcher, do this with a flat-head screwdriver. The thing may scratch and breaks a little bit because they used some glue to make your job harder.

The back is cleary two simple pieces of plastic that you could have pried out easily… but couldn’t, thanks to more glue!

After you have pried it open, it’s a pretty straightforward battery. A pack of 5 of those batteries cost 1$

They even punched the battery to make it sticks to the receptors and damaging them if you aren’t careful when removing the battery. What an asshole design!

VoilĂ ! Like new!

Korean bank OTP

This one is actually easy to disassemble. Just unscrew the face plate and you’ll get access to the board. However don’t try this on your main device. Upon removing and replacing the batter. the screen shows “Download 13” then fades away… forever. Probably a self-destruct feature to prevent tampering of the device.

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