Playing sound over HDMI on a Samsung TV

When I tried to connect my HP laptop to a Samsung TV via HDMI, I expected sound to work out of the box, but unfortunately this is not the case. After making sure that my laptop output sound to the ‘HDMI adapter’ and that it was not disabled per the HP support forum, I came to the sudden realization that Samsung treat the input port differently on how you tell it. I registered the HDMI input port as ‘DVI PC’ and usually I use a separate 3.5mm audio cable, so I tried to fiddle with the option (via the input menu -> context menu button -> edit device)

Because DVI cannot convey sound, I had to select ‘PC’, which is a little weird since ‘PC’ is also the term Samsung applies to VGA input, but well, if there were a separate ‘HDMI PC’ category it would have been clearer

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